Millwoods | Linden Loafer | Brown Zebra Pony


The newest edition to the Millwoods Apparel brand, a women's loafer is now available.

With a beautifully soft leather inner and an outer of calf hair in Brown Zebra print, the Linden Loafer will naturally mould to your foot and soften with wearing. The full gum sole allows durable protection from surfaces whilst maintaining the right amount of all day wearing comfort cushioning.

Our design is a timeless and versatile shoe that will take you from brunch to the dancefloor, and through all the seasons, making them the perfect wardrobe staple.



Sizing information is intended as a guide only.

Due to the leather composition of our shoes they will feel firmer initially and then give after 2-3 wears.  

 Euro Size Au Size Length (mm) Width (mm)
36 5 236 77.5
37 6 243 79
38 7 249 80.5
39 8 256 82
40 9 263 83.5
41 10 269 85
42 11 276 86.5
43 12 283 88
44 13 289 89.5



As leather is a natural product, some cosmetic blemishes or fluctuations in colour is expected. Every effort has been made to ensure that your Millwoods Shoes meets our rigid quality standards, however, if there is a problem, please let us know immediately so that we can make arrangements to correct it to your satisfaction.



Part of our design process is to ensure Millwoods Shoes provide peace of mind and quality with each purchase. We have thoroughly tested our leathers, stitching, glues and gum soles to ensure durability and the tough conditions a childrens shoe is placed in each day.  We have the upmost faith in our rigid quality control process